Music heard on TV

Jose Gonzalez – The Heartbeats

Millions of colorful balls bouncing down the streets of San Francisco are perfectly intact to the beat of ‘The Heartbeats’. It really is not anything fancy, and yet all the viewers loved it. There is no person on the planet who does not know Gonzalez’s song from this particular advertisement. And all of this thanks to a Sony Bravia commercial.

Enigma – Give a bit of hmm to me

Even though this song was a well-known hit before the advertisement came out, since it aired on TV the lyrics ‘Give a bit of hmm to me’ enjoyed a newfound popularity. We immediately associate it with the delicious and delicate Kinder Bueno chocolate bar. We have to admit that when it comes to the choice of words as well as the aesthetics of the Kinder Bueno TV advertisement they did really well.

Andreas Johnson – Glorious

Right after the new Nutella advertisement aired on television the Internet flooded with questions from people who were curious about the song used in it. Carefree children with a large dose of energy running on the beach with ‘Glorious’ by Johnson in the background is the perfect duet. What else could you possibly want? It is an excellent combination of everything and anything you need – vitality, energy and glorious joy of living.

Jeff Moulandc- Where did you sleep last night (Nirvana Cover)

It may be less popular than the other ones, but it still is one of the most memorable of all Mars advertisements. A confident, young man takes out a photograph of his beloved girlfriend and tears it to shreds when heading to a monastery. The script perfectly fitted the lyrics of the song.

Arthur Freed, Nacio Herb Brown, Lennie Hayton, Singin' In The Rain

We cannot forget about the iconic ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ Bonduelle advertisement. Happy, little Bonduelle vegetables are singing in the rain. The soundtrack from the famous musical have placed itself into the minds of all Polish citizens as the one sung by a green pea. An advertisement with a catchy song is an amazing marketing tool used by various companies around the world.